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Fabrice Milochau, Born in 1967 in France, near Fontainebleau. Business studies and marketing consultant until the age of 30 years. Weariness for this professional world dedicated to companies: questioning, desire to live more in harmony with its values. Decides to turn to nature and environment, becomes general environmental technician, then turned to journalism, working for magazines “Science & Nature” and “Wildlife”. Is satisfied that the aesthetic and scenic beauty work better than long speech for the defense and respect of nature. Passionate about photography, is committed in 1998 in a career as a freelance photographer: The forest is his first major subject (GEO will cover September 99). In the process, release of several books dedicated to nature. Today is a specialist in landscape photography, author of fifteen books on the natural heritage.

Fabrice Milochau is recognized as one of the best landscape photographers in Europe, and most of his specialty published in GEO Magazine France, over the past decade.

Since 2008, Fabrice Milochau began a new career, that of a contemporary artist and designer, full of a surprising sensibility. He uses his great personal bank of pictures to create "photogrpaphic sculptures"; a reflection on the meaning of image, graphism and colors. His art and designs are published on glass plates and Plexiglas for luxury tables and wall editions respectively, in unique originals or limited editions. A great material for luxury hotels, VIP places, and artistic touch for unique interiors. Fabrice creates tailor made works for the each environment and client wishes.


Fontainebleau forest fantasy : Barbizon, Festival of Montier en Der, Fontainebleau, Clermont Ferrand, Art'evie gallery, Melun, festival of birds of Abbeville, St. Peter the Nemours
Clarée Valley: Festival of Montier en Der, Champagny la Vanoise
Chateau Landon: order of the city
Colors of loneliness: Festival of Montier en Der, Melun
Lofoten: order of the Embassy of Norway, in Montier en Der festival, Paris, book fair mountain of Passy

Contemporary Art:
the imagined forest : Clermont Ferrand
Various art pieces: Gallery Pinxit (Vichy), gallery Bagatelle (Fontainebleau), Art'evie Gallery (Lorrez le boccage)

My approach as contemporary artist


The heart of my artistic process is based on our relationship to reality and truth visual seeing is believing, and our eyes are the keys to what we accept as true or fanciful, subjective or objective ...

In this area, a photograph taken a sacred character by its extreme acuity, it seems very powerful to show and demonstrate what is really. As a photographer, I had no other aim than to use photography to express my emotions and my way of loving the world. It is therefore an extremely subjective and personal expression. Photograph is constantly choose among the universe, what goes into our emotional or intellectual prism. As a painting or a sculpture, an image is a creation, and its apparent objectivity is an illusion. By what is shown, it is not what is but what a person has seen fit to provide us with all the technical and artistic choices available. We see through his eyes, a piece of the world and time, as it forces us to perceive it. Even worse, our own subjectivity we refer to references belonging only to us and we rebuild this first in a second subjectivity of ours ...

To demystify the illusion of photographic truth I chose to use my own photos as a raw material, crude and malleable as desired. I twist, I change the texture, grain, color, assembles them, separates them, rearrange them. I sculpt the illusion of reality to fit into a new reality fully creative, sometimes a mere abstraction. Through this process I want to materialize the work of each of our unconscious and rebuilding our mind makes each piece of "real". I seek to make visible the path of non-truth that we live permanently. Unlike most of the major visual arts are painting or sculpture, I do not leave the unformed: pigments, earth, metal, and all other raw materials of the artist are usually no initial form, with the exception of manufactured ... the recovery will be born informs the work or the masterpiece, and the designer will use a material, texture, colors that without his intervention, would remain without artistic value initial. The work takes out of nothingness and the banality of its materials.

My creations, they, depart voluntarily from a first shape generally acknowledged to be "beautiful" and that generates emotions: photographs of wild landscapes or urban, some portraits, while the result of a professional photographer that the public recognizes talented or as relevant as magazines, publishers will want to acquire and develop in their publications or galleries that wish to expose ... Using this first form, own illusion of reality in photographic media, I want to show that one can obtain as many other "real" we want the single prism of creativity and emotions projected. What I materialize in sculpting my own images, it is an allegory of what each spirit is not only with any photograph, but all of what we consider to be the reality of the world of form is born other forms. Everything that comes into our heads is mixed, filtered, reconstructed as I expressed in my artistic process. Of course, the form is mine, my creations are clearly positioned as the domain of "art", with any kind of codification, but the approach is universal.

Finally, I attempt to make palpable the notion of time inherent in any emotion and any photograph whose purpose is to fix things. All perceptions are part of a human temporality, successive times which are never identical. What is perceived differently now be the next minute. This is still an additional parameter which reinforces the extreme fragility of the concept of reality and objectivity, since these concepts are invariably associated with the idea of ​​permanence. Time changes all things of this world, and all reality is fixed by the same suspect. Time also sculpts. I address this factor by time-sequences of colors or distortions, but also by inclusions of voids or "noise" ...



My luxury Art's tables

My work as an artist takes as basic my pictures that i transfom and "sculpts" them on Plexiglas or glass.

Thanks to a special technology, I create custom trays unique tables, each table becomes a work of art itself, with an unlimited range of colors (transparent or opaque) and a style that we can define together (in the under a wide range of possible variations) according to your home.

The work is created from photographs : once "carved", ie transformed, photography becomes something else, a work of contemporary art that I be producing only one copy (ie one table ), for you, like a painting. Attention, there is not a picture under glass, but a creation that uses pictures as simple raw materials and the final result can be much closer to an abstract painting of a photo. The pattern is not printed on the glass, but inserted inside, which makes it virtually unalterable (your work will fear no water or air or scratches etc ...). This is a very high technical quality that goes well beyond the simple digital printing...


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